Professional approach for Philip Nelson


It was business as usual for Philip Nelson at practice on Wednesday.

Nelson, who was named the Gophers' starting quarterback on Tuesday, tells FOX Sports North that he's ready to open the season next week against UNLV.

"We're just ready to go out there and just play," Nelson said. "We don't want to be thinking too much. We just want to get out there and make some plays."

Fans that watch the Gophers this year shouldn't expect to see the nervous, frantic freshman that Nelson was a year ago. He started eight games as a true freshman, gaining experience that offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover believes will go a long way in 2013.

"When we go over to the stadium on Aug. 29, it isn't gonna be an 'oh my goodness' moment," Limegrover said. "He's been through that. He's been at Nebraska, he's been at Wisconsin, he's played Michigan State."

Nelson seems ready. But are his receivers?

Limegrover told the Star Tribune on Wednesday that "we’re really starting to get comfortable with five or six [receivers], and I think those guys are feeling good."

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