Purple people eater Jim Marshall: Vikings' D 'hurts me'


How bad is the Vikings' 2013 defense?

If you want a serious answer, here's a breakdown of historically how bad it is, with some shocking numbers relating to this unit's place in Vikings' history.

If you want a slightly less stat-based statement, the answer is bad enough to inflict physical and/or mental pain on former players.

Vikings legend Jim Marshall, part of the famed defensive line nicknamed the "Purple People Eaters", commented on the poor performance of the 31st-ranked defense in the league to the Pioneer Press:"The teamwork isn't there, and it kind of hurts me...It's very frustrating."

Former defensive tackle Doug Sutherland wasted no time in his thoughts about the ability of the Purple-not-so-People-Eating unit: "They can't stop anyone."

Vikings' coach Leslie Frazier on his supposed-to-stop-teams side of the ball? "We are definitely giving up too many points."

You can't find insights like that anywhere.

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