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Put Correa, Jeter and Lindor together and you get Royce Lewis

Royce Lewis models his game after three prominent shortstops.

The top pick in the 2017 MLB Draft, Royce Lewis, compared himself to some elite company on Monday in a conference call at Target Field, shortly after being drafted.

"Carlos Correa is one, Derek Jeter and Francisco Lindor; if you put those three guys together I feel like you get kind of a mixture of Royce Lewis. I know I'm a very different player than all those guys and I expect to play differently and act differently as well."

Lewis who just turned 18-years-old a few weeks ago, obviously knows those are some big names to live up to. Correa and Lindor are arguably the two best shortstops in the game.

Both already have double-digit home runs in 2017 – which is rare for their position – and play Gold Glove-caliber defense.

Obviously Jeter will be a first ballot Hall of Famer in a few years and any player in the game would probably tell you they'd like to be like Jeter.

Lewis has accepted a scholarship to play college baseball at the University of California-Irvine. Although he was drafted on Monday evening, it's unclear whether he will forgo his scholarship and immediately enter the Twins' minor league system.

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