Nelson separating himself from Leidner in Gophers' QB battle

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Is there really a battle for the starting quarterback job of the Gophers?

Recent reports indicate that sophomore Philip Nelson and redshirt freshman Mitch Leidner are competing for the spot. If so, Nelson is starting to separate himself, according to Joe Christensen of the Star Tribune.

Offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover agrees.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of Mitch not progressing,” Limegrover said. “But I think really there was kind of that light bulb moment with Philip, where you could just tell there was that extra experience.

“When you get into that second week of camp, and that grind starts hitting you, I think Philip was able to really kind of jump through that burning hoop a little bit better than Mitch was. So there was some separation, and really, Philip’s done a real nice job over the course of this last week.”

Head coach Jerry Kill tells Nate Sandell that Leidner "is still learning as we go."

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