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Questions abound this week for St. Paul's proposed ballpark


The proposal for a new St. Paul Saint ballpark in Lowertown continues to be ensnared in the details, with a number of key issues set to be resolved - or not - in the coming week.

The Pioneer Press boils the near-future hurdles down to a list of three: Approval for a $9 million budget increase, a dispute over a nearby parking lot, and a potential brew house thrown into the mix.

First, the money. Last month, soil tests showed that the site needs some $8.8 million in remediation, adding to the $54 million price tag. Even so, demolition of the old Gillette plant on the site went off without a hitch nearly a couple weeks ago, with many of these questions lingering.

So, the PiPress reports, the St. Paul city council will consider an amendment Wednesday about forking over the money for dirt clean-up.

Meanwhile, says the paper, owners of a nearby condo complex are haggling over the price of their parking lot, which is supposed to be turned into greenery somewhere near the future third base.

And finally, a St. Paul resident has taken to Facebook to announce his intention to open a brew house in the area. The PiPress does a separate piece on the brewery.

"Our front door would open up to the Saints," the future proprietor tells the St. Paul paper. "I'm really excited about it."

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