Rams call on Favre, but there's no way he's returning, right? Right?

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There is such a dearth of top-notch quarterbacks in the NFL right now that some teams are still considering signing a 44-year-old grandfather stuck somewhere in Mississippi.

That would be Brett Favre, of course, and the St. Louis Rams have actually contacted him about replacing out-for-the-season Sam Bradford.

No joke! Seriously! Check it out:

And of course, Favre demurred. When he says he's retired, he's retired, right? Well, no, but this time his lips are saying no, and his eyes are too.

As Schefter notes on his ESPN site, Favre hasn't played since December of 2010, but that didn't stop the Rams from reaching out to Favre's agent, Bus Cook. "Through Cook," Schefter writes, "Favre told the Rams that he was retired -- actually, really, officially."

But we know how that goes, right?

But, hey, you can't blame the Rams for trying. Just a month ago, ol' Bus Cook was telling people ol' number 4 was in the best shape of his life, is running like 500 miles a day, has arms like a blacksmith, and could play better than half of the QBs in the league today.

Tim Tebow? Vince Young? Please! This is Brett Fav-rah!

The idea of Favre returning, of course, it extremely unpopular with the pundits out there.

"Rams Try to Out-Crazy the Vikings at Quarterback," trumpets this Daily Norsemen post. (Good one, guys.)

"Hopefully the beginning of this story is also its end," says this Packer blog.

Besides, we really enjoy all those sweet stories about how much fun Favre is having coaching high school football, even though we don't believe them one bit.

Yahoo! Sports offers this very sober assessment: "It was the right thing to do for Favre to turn down the job; we saw what happened to an unprepared Josh Freeman on Monday night in New York, and throwing Favre into the meat grinder of the NFL — on what would be a Monday night game against Seattle, no less — would probably warrant criminal charges against someone in the Rams organization."

Yeah, but think of all the fun it would be!

Final (sarcastic) word belongs to NBC's Mike Florio: "Still, Favre said he’s done. And one thing on which we can always rely is that, when Favre says he’s done, he’s done."

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