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Randy Moss and all of Twitter are Matt Cassel's biggest fans


Rather than outline a statistical breakdown of why Matt Cassel is going to shred the Steelers secondary in London Sunday, we'd rather show you how many supporters Cassel has on the official source for opinions: Twitter.

First and definitely foremost, former Viking turned FOX analyst Randy Moss catches the eye.

Good to see Randy still has a little purple coarsing through those veins.

It's been clear since yesterday that Vikings receivers are a fan of Cassel, and it was reiterated today by wideout Jerome Simpson.

Here's the first show of support for Cassel by a Vikings receiver from Thursday.

Even Christian Ponder and his fractured rib love Cassel.

Now that's love.

Then there's generally obnoxious ESPN First Take talking head Skip Bayless.

Eye opening analysis.

We've also hand-selected the best of the best tweets from Vikings apologists everywhere. Who cares what the experts think, let's hear from you.

We can't tell if people are happy to see Cassel or happy not to see Ponder. Unfortunately, it seems to most likely be the latter.

Still, Cassel can be excited, here's video of him discussing the news.

There are a few Negative Nancys out there.

OK, so not all of Twitter loves Cassel.

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