Randy Moss: If Tom Brady did it 'so what'


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to rule on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's appeal soon, but deflategate isn't changing the opinion of former Vikings receiver Randy Moss.

Brady has been under investigation with the NFL for his role in an incident where footballs he used against Indianapolis in the playoffs were found to be underinflated. Brady has denied any wrongdoing, but was suspended by the league for the first four games of the upcoming 2015 season.

Moss spent parts of four seasons catching passes from Brady in New England. He told the Fayetteville Observer that he's "always stood "in Brady's corner because of the quarterback's professionalism.

"Over some air?" Moss told the newspaper. "If he did it, so what? He hasn't shown me anything but how he carries himself as a professional man, husband, father and athlete. Tom Brady is a pro's pro. I love the man and everything he's accomplished."

Pro Football Talk notes that Moss' support for Brady shouldn't be a surprise; the two teamed up for one of the greatest seasons ever between a quarterback and receiver.

In 2007, Moss broke an NFL record when he caught 23 touchdown passes – all from the right arm of Brady. The season helped cement Moss' legacy as one of the greatest receivers of all-time.

Unfortunately for Brady, Moss' opinion isn't likely to matter much when Goodell makes his ruling.

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