Ready for the hunt: Minnesota couple sells all-natural face paint

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When hunting wild turkeys it's important to conceal your face – they're among the most difficult birds to hunt because of how well they can see during the day.

Face paint plays a crucial role in camouflaging a hunter, but traditional products contain waxes or oils, which make the face paint gooey and can stain clothes or be difficult to remove, the Pioneer Press says.

That's why one Red Wing family decided to create their own.

Sven Fleischaker and his wife, DeAnna, came up with Natural Camo face paint in 2010. The company says it's the only natural roll on face paint for the hunting industry.

"I was waterfowl hunting and I wore the grease (traditional face paint), and it was just a pain," Fleischaker, 46, told the newspaper. "After a few days of wearing the grease, my face would break out. It didn't feel good. And it would literally stain my shower when I cleaned up. It seemed to me there was a need for a better product."

So his wife, who operates a makeup business focusing on skin-healthy products, mixed up some colors and powdered his face – it worked.

After some trial and error the couple developed a more marketable product – so hunters didn't have to powder their faces.

The face paint, which is put on with a small rollerball, debuted at an annual outdoors expo in Anoka County in 2010 and sold out their inventory, the Pioneer Press says. Since then, Sven Fleischaker has been slowly growing his company – the family personally mixes and fills every batch from their garage, according to the company's website. They sell about 400 face paint kits a year, the newspaper reported.

The Fleischakers believe once hunters try their product they won't go back to the traditional paint – especially because Natural Camo is so easy to take off and it doesn't have a greasy feeling when you put it on, the Pioneer Press says.

"That's because your skin can breathe," Dee Fleischaker told the newspaper. "Other products clog your pores, and you feel like you're wearing a mask."

The breathability is important when temperatures start to heat up in the height of wild turkey season – which starts Wednesday and goes until May 29.

Natural Camo is sold through small sporting goods stores and on the company's website. Compared to other products, which sell for $10 or less, the all-natural product goes for $24.95. They recently started offering a $5.95 sample kit, which lasts a few outings, as a low-cost option, the Pioneer Press says.

Hunting turkeys this year? The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has some turkey hunting tips.

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