Really? Minnesota ranks 49th in list of most patriotic states

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Quick, head to the Internet and look for an American flag while updating your Facebook page and listing "America" as one of your interests.

In a ranking of the most patriotic states put together by the real estate blog, Minnesota came in at 49th. Only California was listed as less patriotic.

How did the list-makers arrive at their rankings of which states most love the red, white and blue?

"We think we came up with a pretty good method," the website says. "We... made a list of criteria that we considered to be pretty indicative of proud Americans," the site said. Using data from the 2012 U.S. Census, the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department, Google Trends, Facebook and Wikipedia, the list calculates:

  • The number of National Historic Landmarks per capita
  • The number of veterans per capita
  • Money spent to fund veterans
  • Percentage of residents who voted in the last presidential election
  • People who use Google to buy American flags
  • People who list America as an interest on Facebook

In the scoring, Minnesota came in at No. 1 in voter turnout. It was ranked 24th in funding for vets, 40th in veterans per capita, 42nd in historic landmarks per capita, 46th in liking America on Facebook and 48th in Googling to buy American flags.

Movoto lists South Carolina as the number one spot for diehard patriots, followed by Maine, North Carolina, Wyoming and Virginia.

WDAZ in Fargo (North Dakota ranked 36th) did a follow up on the Movoto list by sampling opinion in Moorhead, Minnesota, where a reporter found that "...Minnesotans getting ready for Fourth of July festivities said Movoto’s ranking was No Goodo."

“I don’t think we’re in the top 10, but if I had to guess, I’d say we’d be in the teens or 20s,” said Jack Nyberg, who lives in Norman County, Minnesota. "We’re about hunting, and fishing, and being with the family. If they want to talk about the American dream, family is what it’s all about. There’s an awful lot of flags out there."

“Really? I think they got it all wrong,” Carina Emil of Hawley, Minnesota said. “They need to go out to the lakes. Boat parades. Fireworks. Oh, my gosh, they’re so wrong.”

Another list released this week – this one by the social media site MyLife – ranked the patriotism of the nation's 100 largest cities. Based on the criteria used in that list, Minneapolis was ranked 47th and St. Paul came in as the 97th most patriotic city.

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