Record number of ballots cast in Minnesota

Minnesotans on Tuesday flocked to the polls in record numbers, over 2.9 million – a record. About 76 percent of eligible voters participated, which was lower than the 78 percent in 2008.

A record number of state residents voted on Tuesday, ECM Publishers reported.

More specifically, with 99.93 percent of precincts reporting, 2,938,947 voters cast ballots in the presidential race, a good indictor of total voters. That's a record, ECM and MPR report. The number will rise a bit as final tallies are made.

Minnesota election officials say turnout in Tuesday’s election was about 76 percent of eligible voters, the Associated Press reports, likely good enough to land the state near the top among states for turnout rates.

But that's lower than 2008 when 78 percent of eligible voters voted, MPR says.

Minnesota is often at the top of rankings among states for voter turnout. The Christian Science Monitor examined how the top six states in voter turnout do it.

Minnesota had its highest general election turnout percentage in 1956, when a little more than 83 percent of eligible voters went to the polls, the Star Tribune notes.

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Minnesota had highest voter turnout in the country

The nearly three million Minnesotans that cast their votes Tuesday put the state at the top of the list for voter turnout nationwide. Nearly 76 percent of eligible voters in the state made it to the polls and broke a record number of ballots cast, but the percentage of voters is actually lower than it was in 2008.

CBS: Obama wins Wisconsin

President Obama has won the key battleground state of Wisconsin, Fox News, CBS News and NBC projected. The win, paired with another projected win in swing state New Hampshire, makes it tougher for the Romney campaign to get to the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

Thousands of ballots to be hand counted in Minneapolis

Ballots submitted in three south Minneapolis precincts will be hand counted Wednesday morning due to a printing error. About 6,000 ballots in the districts located in the Lowry Hill East and Whittier neighborhoods could not be scanned because of technical printing errors affecting the margins.