Red Sox TV broadcast shows bogus video of 'Metrodome implosion'


In one of the more strange sports stories of the year, the Boston Red Sox television broadcast of Wednesday's game with the Minnesota Twins showed the "implosion" of the Metrodome.

It wouldn't be all that strange, but the Twins moved to Target Field five years ago and as Deadspin points out – the Metrodome didn't implode.

In fact, for the most part the dome was deconstructed piece-by-piece, which makes this video during the Red Sox - Twins telecast even more bizarre.

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Deadspin notes that NESN actually showed the implosion of Seattle's King Dome and that the roof of the stadium, is actually digitally drawn on the video.

According to the Star Tribune, the footage of the implosion comes from a Hawk Harrelson spoof that NESN played completely straight.

Now you may remember, charges were used to help bring down the Metrodome roof on Feb. 2, 2014, but it doesn't look quite the same as what NESN showed on Wednesday.

You can judge for yourself.

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