Richard Sherman: The interview, the article, and Larry Fitzgerald?

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Sunday night brought us Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in all his glory.

That came after Sherman effectively won the NFC Championship game for Seattle, deflecting Colin Kaepernick's pass to receiver Michael Crabtree in the endzone that would've tied the game.

He also spoke with ESPN's Ed Werder before he left the field, energetically backing up his words.

Here's a few reactions to Sherman's outburst in his postgame interviews.

Monday brought a much more calm, precise Sherman, one that explained his actions in an article for Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback.

Above all, it should be pointed out that this Crabtree-Sherman feud allegedly has history behind it, with Sherman claiming that Crabtree attempted to fight him at a charity event last year. A Seattle Times report says that this dust up may have been at former Holy Angels standout Larry Fitzgerald's camp.

Among the comments regarding the interview itself, Sherman defends his actions by reiterating that he is one of the best in the game and Crabtree is no match for his ability.

He points out that he was thrown at just twice all game, the final of which ended things in Seattle.

Sherman also attempts to debunk his reputation as a thug, as many others have since the interview, by saying this one instance is just a small part of who he is.

The public backlash against Sherman was extensive on social media Sunday, though cooler heads have prevailed today, with many media pundits coming to the defense of Sherman.

Others have likely done the smart thing with Sherman's outburst, taken it with a light heart, and enjoyed it for what it was.

We applaud you Twitter users, you have once again defused what could've been a serious situation.

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