Remember the week you wanted Josh Freeman? Now there's drama

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Josh Freeman was benched by Tampa Bay last week in favor of Mike Glennon.

We're going to go ahead and say that didn't go well, as the Bucs lost to uncomfortably average Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals at home behind two Glennon interceptions and a Christian Ponder-like 4.8 yards per pass attempt from the new starter.

News came out earlier today that Freeman has been in the NFL's drug treatment program and has been subject to random drug tests because of a previous incident with an undisclosed drug while in the NFL. Speculation ran rampant that this bit of news may have had something to do with his benching.

Now it's getting ugly.

Freeman didn't let those stories simmer long, telling Pro Football Talk just hours later that he has passed 46 NFL-regulated drug tests after testing positive for Ritalin last year, which he mistakenly took instead of his NFL-approved prescription for Adderall.

His version of the events continued: "Some people have made hurtful and incorrect's a shame that when times have gotten tough, people have chosen to attack the character of others."

PFT chose to call what Freeman said an insinuation of a smear campaign by some members of the Bucs organization. We won't go that far, but things are definitely getting a tad awkward in Tampa.

Good thing the Vikings have the second coming of Brett Favre,Joe Montana,John Elway, well, it really is a second coming of Matt Cassel himself under center.

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