Repeat record? Adrian Peterson is motivated and San Diego can't stop the run


Despite gashing the Lions for 134 yards last Sunday, Adrian Peterson says he didn't feel like the Adrian Peterson of old.

"I worked extremely hard to be able to come back and be able to go, and not look like I've missed a step," Peterson said, via the Pioneer Press. "But I can tell. (With) 130-something yards, people say, 'Oh, he looks good,' and this, that and the other. But me personally, I wasn't the Adrian Peterson I remember last Sunday."

Peterson added 58 receiving yards for a total of 192 yards of offense. But because he wasn't used much in Week 1 against the 49ers, Peterson believes he was shaking off some rust and he'll be "bouncing" off guys this Sunday against San Diego a lot more than he did against Detroit.

The last time Peterson played the Chargers in Minneapolis he set the NFL single-game rushing record with 296 yards. Could he do it again?

"It still can happen," Peterson said, according to the AP. "Anything is possible. Just got to get on a roll, and it's got to be one of those days."

But if there was ever a team he might set the record against, it's probably these Chargers. This note from ESPN:

"Through the first two weeks of this season, the Chargers' defense has allowed a stunning 3.87 yards per carry before contact, by far the highest average in the NFL. (The league average is 2.61 yards.) That means opposing running backs are gaining nearly four yards before the first Chargers defender makes contact, a testament to how thoroughly the Chargers have lost the battle up front.

If you're ready to note the small sample size of two games, keep in mind that this is not a new issue in San Diego. Since the start of the 2014 season, the Chargers have allowed an NFL-worst 3.02 yards per rush before contact."

In terms of running with as much ability as he's used to, Peterson not need search further than a simple Youtube video to see how dominating he was.

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