Report: Cards QB Kolb too battered to start against Vikings

Cardinal quarterback Kevin Kolb is expected to miss Sunday's showdown against the Vikings, to be replaced by backup John Skelton.

It appears the Vikings defense will be facing backup quarterback John Skeltoninstead of Kevin KolbSunday when the Arizona Cardinals meet Minnesota at Mall of America Field.

An report says Kolb may be out for several weeks after he had multiple ribs detach from his sternumSunday in the Cardinals' loss to Buffalo.

That means Skelton will get the call as both teams try to improve to 5-2 on the year. Skelton actually beat Kolb out of the starting job in training camp, but suffered an ankle injury in Week 1.

Some feel it doesn't matter who heads up the Arizona offense, calling Skelton and Kolb interchangeable.

If Arizona's offensive line doesn't protect Skelton (as it didn't with Kolb), the Star Tribune predicts the Vikings defense, led by Jared Allen, could have a big day on Sunday.

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