Report: Garnett's deal with Wolves worth $16 million


NBA players were allowed to begin signing contracts on Thursday, but the Timberwolves did't announce a deal with 39-year-old Kevin Garnett.

Earlier this week it was reported that Garnett and the Wolves had agreed in principal to a two-year deal. Now, Jon Krawczynski is hearing the deal is worth a total of $16 million.

The Star Tribune had a report previously saying Garnett's two-year deal could be cut short by a year, in which case he would transition to a management role with the team. That's the most likely scenario, according to Pro Basketball Talk.

Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver thinks it's a waste of $16 million for a player that won't do much more than serve as a mentor for a roster full of youngsters, including potential franchise player Karl-Anthony Towns, whom the Wolves selected No. 1 overall in the June NBA Draft.

A lot has already been made that Garnett is making 1.5 times what Tim Duncan of the Spurs will make over the next two seasons, even though Duncan is far more productive than Garnett at this point of their Hall of Fame careers.

Duncan, also 39, signed a two-year, $10.4 million contract. Sporting News points out that Duncan had to sacrifice and take a pay cut in order for the Spurs to sign LaMarcus Aldridge – a move that could boost the Spurs to another championship in the final push of the Duncan era. For Minnesota, there wasn't a need to give Garnett less.

Garnett has made $327 million in his career compared to an estimated $234 for Duncan.

If Kevin Garnett completes his deal, he'll be the 1st NBA player to play in his teens, 20s, 30s & 40s. (h/t u/AlecAG)

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