Report: Greg Jennings visited Minnesota


Pretend you're listening to Vikings play-by-play guy Paul Allen call a game on the radio next season. What would you rather hear him describe?

A) "Christian Ponder drops back to pass, looks left ... fires deep to Devin Aromashodu ... and it's incomplete."

B) "Christian Ponder fades to fire ... zips it over the middle and it's dropped by Jerome Simpson."

C) "Christian Ponder takes the snap, rolls out to the right and throws it away because nobody could get open."

D) "Christian Ponder leans in under center, takes the John Sullivan snap, pumps, throws deep down the left sideline to Greg Jennings ... and it's caught! Touchdown Vikings!"

Unless you're masochistic you probably want the latter of the options. But is Greg Jennings, an unrestricted free agent, really worth $14 million/year? Some reports on Thursday said Jennings could be looking for that much.

If he is, he can definitely afford a pretty nice house. Has he been house hunting in Minnesota? Check out A.J. Mansour's tweet and form your own opinion.

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