Report: Josh Freeman to start for Vikings...we just don't know when


File this under the obvious category, especially after the dreadful performance of Matt Cassel and the Vikings offense today, but sources say that Josh Freeman will start at some point this year, we just don't know when.

FOX Sports Jay Glazer had the report first, and with Christian Ponder firmly buried on the Vikings bench and just about everyone calling for Freeman after today, the Vikings' staff and fans alike are probably hoping for that to be as soon as possible.

Leslie Frazier said postgame that no decision would be made until later this week, telling the media that he would be looking at the tape of Matt Cassel's performance today before giving any kind of inkling who will be under center Sunday against New York.

So there's that, it's not earth-shattering news and we could've written one of the patented "can't we start Josh Freeman already" pieces that everyone is going with, but what good would that have done? The writing is on the wall and there is no need to pile on.

While we may have already hypothetically known Freeman will get a shot, now we have as official of a word as we'll get until Leslie Frazier names Freeman the starter next weekend, the weekend after that, or whenever he decides to make the call.

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