Report: MN native Dave Joerger on the hot seat as Grizzlies coach

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It looks like Minnesota native and Memphis Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger could be on the hot seat.

According to a report from

" target="_blank">Brian Geltzeiler of Hoops Critic, Joerger is very close to getting fired as the Grizzlies head coach. Geltzeiler reports that move could happen as soon as Tuesday.

Memphis is 13-12 heading into their Monday night game with Washington, but the Grizzlies have been blown out a few times already this season.

They lost by 50 to the Warriors, 37 to Oklahoma City, and by 30 to Cleveland. Memphis also ranks 24th in points scored and 25th in points allowed per possession so far this year.

Pro Basketball Talk notes that Joerger (118-71) has seemingly done a solid job in his two plus seasons as the Grizzlies head man. But the report notes that he inherited a team Lionel Hollins had just taken to the conference finals.

He has reportedly been on the hot seat since Memphis' 3-3 start to the season.

Geltzeiler notes that a move could also take some pressure off the team's general manager, who is also reported to be feeling some of the pressure.

But it seems not everyone agrees that Joerger may be on the outs with the Grizzlies.

Just before last season Joerger met with the Timberwolves and then team president Flip Saunders about possibly becoming the Wolves next head coach, but instead chose to remain with Memphis after his contract was extended.

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