Report: Lack of long-term deal chased Kirilenko from Wolves


So why did Andrei Kirilenko really leave the Timberwolves?

He says its because new team president Flip Saunders wouldn’t sign him to a long-term deal.

Instead, AK47 will play with Brooklyn Nets this coming year.

He tells the Associated Press he has no regrets about playing for $7 million dollars less than the $10 million the Wolves offered him. In his words, he says it’s "time to win a title."

As for the conspiracy theory that he went to a team owned by Russian Mikhail Prokhorov because there were hidden extras -- it's poppycock: "I can't do anything with what people think," he said. "Those type of rumors I can't control. And I guess it comes from the history because of the Russian KGB. It makes it a little funny. What can I do?"

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