Report: Priefer has 'best chance' to remain on Vikings staff

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News is swirling all around us about Norv Turner and George Edwards joining the new Vikings coaching staff, but getting a tad buried in the massive amount of coverage surrounding the new staff is special teams coordinator Mike Priefer.

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the man that was made famous by Chris Kluwe's homophobic accusations in a Deadspin article has the "best chance" to stay with the team.

We're not sure exactly who Rapoport's tweet includes when he says that Priefer has the best chance of the assistants to stay on staff.

Should it mean just the coordinators, it would make sense that Priefer is most likely to remain on staff, since defensive coordinator Alan Williams led the worst defense in the league this year, and offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave struggled so mightily to find a serviceable quarterback in his stint with the Purple.

As of now, no moves are official with any of the coordinators, though Norv Turner said earlier today there is a "good chance" he could join the staff, and a report says Dolphins linebackers coach George Edwards will become the new defensive coordinator.

A differing report on Edwards came today, saying he may join Minnesota, but not necessarily in the defensive coordinator role.

There is no further word on Priefer, though with the speed Zimmer is assembling a staff, it shouldn't take long.

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