Report: Rick Pitino fired by Louisville

Louisville was named in a massive investigation into illegal recruiting tactics.

Legendary college basketball coach Rick Pitino, the father of Gophers men's basketball coach Richard Pitino, is expected to be fired by the University of Louisville, according to a report from ESPN's Michael Eaves. 

Eaves provided details on Facebook.

"Pitino has told members of his coaching staff that he expects to lose his job over allegations the Cardinals basketball program is involved in a federal investigation into fraud and corruption in college basketball recruiting. ... Pitino 'knows it's coming' after a staff meeting of the basketball coaches Wednesday morning in Louisville."

Additionally, the firing could come as soon as noon today when Louisville President Gregory Postel holds a press conference, per Yahoo's Pat Forde.

Louisville's basketball program was named in court documents of a multi-year FBI probe of NCAA basketball programs suspected of dirty recruiting. ESPN summed it up like this:

"On Tuesday, 10 men -- including a top Adidas executive and four assistant coaches -- were charged with using hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to influence star athletes' choice of schools, shoe sponsors, agents, even tailors. Federal prosecutors said at least three top high school recruits were promised payments of as much as $150,000, using money supplied by Adidas, to attend two universities sponsored by the athletic shoe company. Louisville's president later confirmed the school is part of the investigation."

According to Business Insider, Louisville was named and accused of transferring nearly $100,000 from Adidas to a high school player being recruited by Louisville. 

Pitino has been coaching at Louisville since 2001, taking the Cardinals to the Final Four three times and winning the 2013 national championship. 

Former Timberwolves player Chuck Person was one of the four assistant coaches charged.

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