Report: Vikings looking at options for future of Winter Park


Winter Park in Eden Prairie has been home to the Minnesota Vikings for more than 34 years, but changing that is reportedly one of the options on the table as the team looks at the facility's long-term viability.

Winter Park opened on May 15, 1981. The facility, which houses team offices and practice fields, was named after Max Winter, one of the Vikings founders who served as team president from 1965-87.

Now a source tells the Business Journal the Vikings are looking at plans to relocate or renovate Winter Park.

One option, according to the report, is a 110-acre mixed use project in Chanhassen. The location of the property, which has become known as the Quadrant, is near Hazeltine National Golf Club at Highway 212 and Powers Boulevard.

According to the Business Journal, either renovating or relocating could help the team consolidate offices and create more outdoor field space, something the current facility lacks. Vikings staff currently are spread between Winter Park, the nearby Olympic Place building and Minneapolis at the 1010 Metrodome Square Building.

Vikings vice president of public affairs and stadium development, Lester Bagley, didn't confirm the team's interest in moving, but didn't rule it out either.

"We are beginning to evaluate the long-term viability of the facility at Winter Park," Bagley told the Business Journal. "And we are considering a variety of options including a renovation of the current property."

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