Reports: Brock Lesnar gets in a real fight backstage with Chris Jericho

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Brock Lesnar wasn't fighting in the UFC last weekend, but he did end a WWE Summer Slam match by bloodying Randy Orton's head just like he would an opponent in the UFC.

It turns out that Lesnar took things too far, delivering unscripted blows to Orton's head, leaving him bloodied in the middle of the ring. And according to Wrestling Observer and Pro Wrestling Insider, Lesnar was called out by WWE superstar Chris Jericho.

Pro Wrestling Insider's story describes the backstage shoving match between the two like this:

"It was described to me by someone I spoke to that at that point, each of them them waited for the other to throw a first punch with Lesnar allegedly remarking that Jericho should either punch him or kiss him."

Their shoving match was eventually broken up by "Triple H" Paul Levesque and WWE owner Vince McMahon.

FYI, if you click the Pro Wrestling Insider link, you're going to see a lot of weird advertisements above the actual story.

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