Reports: Kevin Martin to sign with San Antonio Spurs


Just a few days after agreeing a buyout with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Martin is Texas-bound.

Citing league sources, ESPN reports the veteran guard has chosen the San Antonio Spurs after being chased by a number of playoff hopefuls after he cleared waivers early Friday.

Despite interest from the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks, the lure of joining a team with a 52-9 record, chasing the Golden State Warriors for the Western Conference, has proved too good to turn down.

He confirmed the move to USA Today, saying: "I appreciate the other teams for inviting me into their organizations. But at the end of the day this just felt right!"

The newspaper points out that Martin, now 33 years old, was previously one of the NBA's most productive scorers, with his career high 23.5 points a game coming give years ago with the Houston Rockets.

For the Wolves? He averaged a respectable 19.1 and 20 points a game these past two seasons.

His opportunities dwindled this season though with the Wolves focusing on younger talent.

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