Reports: Wolves to allow Andre Miller to sign with a contender

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The Timberwolves have announced in a press release that they have point guard Andre Miller's contract before Tuesday's deadline in a move that could allow Miller to sign with a team bound for the playoffs.

"Andre was a consummate professional and set a good example for our younger players on what it takes to be a pro in this league,” said Timberwolves general manager Milt Newton in the press release, “We wish him the best.”

In order to sign with another team, players need to be waived or bought out by the end of March 1, which is this coming Tuesday. Yahoo! Sports adds that a player is typically only bought out of a contract if he already has a team lined up to sign him.

In Miller's case, he isn't playing much and the Wolves are destined to finish with one of the five or six worst records in the league, and Miller is now behind rookie Tyus Jones in the point guard pecking order.

Head coach Sam Mitchell announced earlier this week that he would use the final 26 games of the season (now 24) to season Jones in the NBA.

Zgoda also reports that there's a chance veteran shooting guard Kevin Martin seeks a contract buyout, too.

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