Ricky Rubio isn't teaching us Spanish anymore, but here's Pek at Build-A-Bear

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We are deeply saddened here at Bring Me The News.

After eight weeks of solid Ricky Rubio contributions to our website, the Wolves point guard has suddenly stopped tweeting in Spanish.

That means our "Learn Spanish with Ricky Rubio" segment has gone on hiatus, since Christmas is the last time Rubio has decided to return to his tweeting roots.

We fear for our website's stability without Rubio's tweets, and for the point guard himself, we surely hope he is feeling alright and not facing a cultural crisis.

Thankfully for us, Wolves center Nikola Pekovic has stepped up and taken the reigns of adorability this week, with a pit stop at Build-A-Bear this afternoon.

We just want to squeal out with joy with how cute this is.

We're not sure though, if Pek would wear any of that aside from the boots. Is he really a fedora guy? Does he like lime green on his shirts? Is he actually that furry? At least on the face, the answer to the last question is a resounding yes.

Thanks to KARE 11 for the photo and to Pek for being so awesome, you prove to be one of Minnesota's great acquisitions on a daily basis, and that has nothing to do with your ability to put a ball in a hoop.

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