Right now, Adelman adds up to being right choice

With the recent misery surrounding the Minnesota Timberwolves, the news that Rick Adelman is their new head coach is getting universal praise. Get a quick look at what the basketball experts are saying, right here.

Rick Adelman is your new Timberwolves head basketball coach. The Wolves made news of the hire official Tuesday, after everyone on Earth had reported it on Monday. Bottom line: It's seen as a positive move for a troubled franchise.

At the Pioneer Press, columnist Tom Powers wanted to give it a big thumbs down, but couldn't. In the end, he says Adelman "is a winner ... well known for his teaching skills," and just what the Wolves need.

Fox Sports North had a nifty slideshow taking a quick look at Adelman's NBA coaching career. He was at Houston from 2007 to 2010? Man, times flies.

The most interesting post we saw, however, came from NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! Sports. His theory: Adelman isn't a big fan of David Kahn, and basically came here for money and Love. It's really a great read.

How about you? Excited that Adelman is leading the pack? Let us know right now!

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Adelman and Kahn buy Lynx tickets

Timberwolves' coach Rick Adelman and GM David Kahn have teamed up and purchased 2,000 tickets to game one of the WNBA Finals between the Lynx and Atlanta Dream. 1,000 tickets are available to fans while the other 1,000 will go to Twin Cities charities.

News on Adelman, Beasley, and Rubio

The Timberwolves will officially introduce Rick Adelman as their new head coach next Wednesday. It also turns out Michael Beasley doesn't have a broken wrist. And Ricky Rubio didn't play very much in the Eurobasket championship game.

Adelman believes the Wolves can win

The NBA lockout didn't stop Rick Adelman from taking a job with the Timberwolves. And even though he isn't allowed to talk about his players, he believes Minnesota has the right players to win sooner rather than later.

Rubio: Adelman's playbook 'not like robots'

Rookie point guard Ricky Rubio has three days under his belt at Timberwolves training camp. So far, he says he's loving it and coach Rick Adelman lets him be creative when he has to be. In his words, "not like robots."

Adelman and Kahn giving away 2,000 more Lynx tickets

Timberwolves head coach Rick Adelman and general manager Davd Kahn have purchased 2,000 tickets for Wednesday’s WNBA Finals game between the Lynx and Atlanta Dream. The tickets will be donated to local Twin Cities charities. Adelman and Kahn gave away 2,000 tickets to Sunday’s game one as well.