Robison: Excruciating shoulder pain won't stop him from playing in Green Bay


Although he's still suffering the effects of his recent shoulder injury, Vikings defensive end says he will play through the pain when the team faces off against the Packers Saturday night in Green Bay, the Pioneer Press reports.

Robison, who sustained a right shoulder sprain in the Vikings victory over St. Louis and missed the team's victory over Houston, says the pain is excruciating, but he's learned to play through it. He said Tuesday that if you start concentrating on the pain, you start "forgetting about other things."

Robison, who plays on average about 80 percent of each game, only played 63 percent of the Vikings' win over the Packers Sunday.

As a result, the Vikings rotated Everson Griffen in as the left defensive end, and Griffen sacked Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers three times.

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