Rochester's baseball team plays in front of fans with guns

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When you're the road team you can expect the fans to be hostile. But they're not usually armed.

The Rochester Honkers were the visiting team Friday night when the Battle Creek Bombers hosted Second Amendment Night at their ballpark in Michigan.

A local gun shop, Freedom Firearms, sponsored the event and encouraged fans with permits to bring their guns to the game.

The store's co-owner, Joel Fulton, told FOX 17 the event was a way to promote firearm safety and education. Free trigger locks were being given away and gun safety displays were on hand at the Northwoods League game. (The Northwoods is a summer league mainly for college baseball players.)

FOX noted a slight discrepancy in how the evening was being promoted. The Bombers were calling it "Second Amendment Education Night," while to Freedom Firearms it was "Second Amendment Appreciation Night."

Battle Creek Bombers General Manager Tony Iovieno told WOOD-TV extra security officers from the Battle Creek police department would be at the game. Iovieno also said a wristband system would be used to identify fans carrying guns so that they would not be served alcohol.

Friday was also Boy Scout Night at the Bombers game.

Iovieno told WOOD he recognized that Second Amendment Night would generate some controversy. But he seemed to be relishing the attention.

“This is probably the most press we’ve gotten in a really long time. So, if it gets attention for us and if it gets attention for Freedom Firearms, our sponsor, and more importantly, opens up an important conversation, I think it’s a win-win-win,” he told the station.

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