Rodgers: Barr gave me the finger and 'suck it' sign

This is the first anyone has heard of Barr taking his hit on Rodgers to the next level.

Anthony Barr's hit that left Aaron Rodgers with a broken collarbone wasn't dirty based on NFL rules, but what Rodgers says Barr did after the play is the complete opposite. 

During a guest appearance on Conan Thursday night, Rodgers said Barr gave him the finger and the "suck it" sign. 

"I rolled out to my right, I threw the ball and I got tackled and kind of slammed on the ground," said Rodgers. "I looked over at him as I walked off the field – the cameras caught me saying something to him, but what they missed was him – finger, 'suck it' sign.'"

Rodgers was on Conan for a segment of "Clueless Gamer," which you can see the full video here. There's plenty of other little comments about his collarbone and Barr in this one. 

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