Aaron Rodgers talks about players speaking up about social issues

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You're seeing it more and more in professional sports. WNBA players making on-court statements after gun violence, NBA players moving from mute to outspoken over social issues – and now an NFL player stepping up to the social plate.


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told ESPN that fear of repercussions is why he believes NFL players have been mostly silent with their thoughts and concerns on societal issues.

"Those guys (in the NBA) are doing it and they feel comfortable doing it," Rodgers said. "I think if more guys maybe did (feel comfortable) in our league, it would create a domino effect possibly."

Pro Football Talk summed it up simply by saying Rodgers is making it clear that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't done as good of a job as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in creating a comfortable environment for opinion.

Earlier this month, Seattle's Michael Bennett openly took aim at a number of NFL players, including Rodgers, for being quiet.

Bennett has been disciplined already this pre-season by the Seahawks but stands by his assertion that the NFL is "broken."

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