'Roid rat: A-Rod's people leaked documents implicating Braun, Cervelli

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As if things weren't bad enough for Alex Rodriguez, word has come down today that Rodriguez's "inner circle" purchased documents in February that implicated Ryan Braun and Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli.

The Miami New Times' printed a story in January implicating Biogenesis director Tony Bosch in providing performance enhancers to athletes. In said story, the Times redacted the names of Braun and Cervelli, but just a few days later Rodriguez purchased the unredacted documents, and sent them to Yahoo! shortly after.

In addition to implicating Braun and Cervelli, Rodriguez had hoped to thwart the Biogenesis investigation, "60 Minutes" and other sources report.

Major League Baseball was apparently aware yesterday of the story, and warned owners of the timetable for release of this story.

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