Ron Gardenhire: 1,000 wins or 90 losses -- which will come first?

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One question has haunted Twins manager Ron Gardenhire all season long: Will he be back in 2014?

Back-to-back-to-back 90-loss seasons might indicate that this might be it for Gardy, but Twins officials won't hint at what's to come -- at least until the last out of the last game on Sept. 29 (1:10 p.m. home game, against Cleveland in case you've completely checked out) (We can probably find you some good, cheap seats).

Even then, Halloween could come and go before the Twins show their hand. Things can be hush-hush until the World Series is over. On that point, here's a frightful sight that could play out: Dodger catcher Drew Butera jumping into the arms of Zach Greinke as L.A. wraps up an MLB title.

Back on point: A question that has popped up this week regarding Mr. Gardenhire: Which will come first -- win No. 1,000 as the Twins skipper or loss No. 90 for the 2013 season?

Star Tribune writer La Velle E. Neal III says all the Twins need to do is win one game in each of their next three series for Gardenhire to reach 1,000 wins.

Right now the Twins are 65-86. If they go 2-3 the next five games, that puts them at 67-89. Win No. 68 gives Gardenhire 1,000 wins. So, it's not a stretch that he could pick up the milestone win at home on Tuesday, Sept. 24 against Detroit. Then, the next night, witness loss No. 90.

Head spinning yet?

How about this: The Twins go 2-9 the rest of the way to finish at 67-95. Gardenhire, then, would be stuck on 999 wins as the Minnesota manager -- and perhaps removed from his on-field duties.

999? Reminds us of another mind-bender:

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