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Rubio, Wolves wrap up season in San Antonio


(Photo courtesy: Minnesota Timberwolves/David Sherman.)

We absolutely love Joan Niesen's take on Ricky Rubio's 2012-13 season on the Fox Sports North web site.

Heading into tonight's final game against San Antonio, Niesen nails it when it comes to Rubio and how he's perceived among Wolves fans:

Ricky Rubio is Minnesota's adopted superhero. He's faced his Kryptonite in the form of that utterly fallible knee, and now he's back, and to Timberwolves fans, it's as if there's nothing he can't face, not anymore.

There's also this:

After Saturday's win over Phoenix, Rubio was made aware of the fact that Minnesota had hit the 30-win plateau for the first time ever without Kevin Garnett on the team. It's a twisted point of pride, and the point guard wasn't having it.

"Yeah, but we've lost 50, too," he pointed out. "It's more than I thought. But yeah, I mean, of course we're happy because we're improving. But it's not enough."

Excellent stuff, and we hope you can read the entire article right here.

As for the Timberwolves tonight, there's not much on the line for Minnesota except for pride.

They can push the win total to 31 (the most since the 2006-2007 season), and send coach Rick Adelman out a winner. There's no guarantee he'll be back next season, as he tends to his wife's health first.

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