Rubio's 'remade' shot could make him a consistent shooter

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Ricky Rubio is like a magician when it comes to his passing skills.

Mike Penberthy might be like a magician when it comes to improving a player's shot.

Flip Saunders is confident that the best thing to happen to Rubio was suffering a severe ankle sprain because it gave him three months to recreate his shot at the advice and teaching of Penberthy.

"His shot has almost been remade," Saunders told reporters last week, according to FOX Sports North. "We might look back in a year and say maybe the best thing that ever happened was having those three months off where he was able to really break down his shot and work on his shot and become a consistent shooter."

Business Insider has a story about Rubio potentially becoming one of the best point guards in the NBA if he can develop consistent shot-making abilities.

In the small, four-game sample size since returning from his sprained ankle Rubio has shot just 40 percent from the field, but he has connected on 50 percent of his 3-point shots, including a 3-of-4 game against the Grizzlies last week.

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