Ryan: Twins sellers, first half 'disappointing, no doubt about that'


Terry Ryan cleared up a few areas of concern today in an interview with Fox Sports North, including whether the Twins would be moving any pieces before the trade deadline and what he thought of the first half of the season.

Ryan, who said he was not sure whether the Twins would be buyers or sellers at the end of last month, made it painfully obvious which direction the team was inclined to go in the next two weeks: "I think that's evident. We're deep in these standings here. We're a long way away from .500. It's very evident we'll be in the trade mode, there's no doubt about that."

Ryan also said he was disappointed in the first half of the season. He also expressed his disappointment that Vance Worley has struggled as mightily as he has, saying he "didn't expect that" when referring to Worley being stuck at AAA Rochester.

The Twins are 39-53, 12 games back of first-place Detroit.

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