Saunders: Anything is possible for Wolves on draft night

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Timberwolves coach and president Flip Saunders said anything is possible on Thursday night, as the NBA Draft approaches, but he doesn't appear to be in a rush to make a trade.

Saunders said many players on the team have been drawing interest.

"We have had a lot of teams call about a lot of our guys," Saunders told reporters Tuesday. "We're fielding stuff everyday, when I came down here I just had three calls about our players."

The player generating the most interest, before the draft, is Wolves forward Kevin Love. According to The Associated Press, it is well known around the league that Love is available for the right offer.

Everyday this week there has been a new report on Love.

The latest proposal came from the Chicago Bulls, in which they would trade Minnesota Taj Gibson, Danny Snell and the 16th and 19th picks in Thursday's draft for Love.

Saunders though doesn't appear inclined to deal Love, or anyone else, unless it is in a deal that he feels will improve the team.

"I don't know about the prospects of us trading anybody by Thursday night," Saunders told 1500 ESPN. "I've been saying it for four weeks. I feel comfortable with the guys that we have. If we can get something that makes our team better, we'll do it. If we don't, we'll stay pat and go forward with free agency on July 1."

Both Golden State and Denver have expressed interest in acquiring Love, talks between the Wolves and Golden State are reported to have ended Monday after Saunders was not willing to work out a deal that didn't involve the Warriors Klay Thompson.

According to Pro Basketball Talk, more and more those around the league think the Wolves will wait until after July 1, or the even the trade deadline before they move him.

That could open up Love to a few more teams like the Houston Rockets, if they miss out on LeBron James, who announced Tuesday that he will opt out of his contract in Miami, and become a free agent.

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