Say it ain't so; Love sounds like a man who wants to go

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By now Timberwolves fans have heard all of the reports and the rumors about Kevin Love wanting out of Minnesota. But during an interview on ESPN, Love sounded like a man looking for the exit.

While appearing on ESPN's SportsNation, Love said, "it burns me and hurts my heart" that he hasn't made the playoffs yet, after six years in the NBA.

The trade rumors have circulated around Love and the Wolves for the majority of the last year. Several teams have expressed interest, Timberwolves president and coach Flip Saunders said, last week, 16 teams have contacted him regarding Love's availability.

While on the show Love was asked if he wanted out of Minnesota.

Love can opt out of his contract after the upcoming NBA season, and has reportedly told the Wolves he plans to leave after next season.

The Wolves have not said publicly that they are attempting to shop Love. But after he took a highly publicized trip to Boston, Saunders told KFAN that Love didn't have the right to be frustrated.

"Why does any player have a right to be frustrated? You're either part of the problem or part of the solution. Should the team be frustrated? Yeah, the team can be frustrated. But I don't think any one individual should be frustrated."

Love responded to that comment by Saunders.

With the Lakers, Cavaliers, Celtics, Sacramento, Golden State and New York all amongst the teams interested in Love, where does he want to play?

He had plenty of positive things to say about the New York Knicks.

While Love may like New York, the chances he ends up there are not very good, according to Rant Sports. The Knicks don't have anywhere near enough to offer the Wolves in compensation for Love.

It's hard to say today if the Wolves will trade him or not, but it certainly sounds like Love has eyes for another team.

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