Seahawks' Richard Sherman plays Santa Claus for 38 families in need

Being the center of attention is nothing new for Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman.
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Whether it's how Richard Sherman plays the game, his opinions about it, or even his antics outside of it NFL, fans hear a lot about the high-profile Seattle cornerback.

For all of the attention he garners on the field, Sherman is also known to be terrific in the community. This Christmas is no exception.

Sherman, his fiancee' Ashlee Moss, and their family foundation Blanket Coverage, helped to make Christmas more joyful for less-fortunate families in the Seattle area by purchasing Christmas presents for the children.

"It was a night that was centered on trying to bring some Christmas joy into the lives of these families," Sherman said in a statement on his foundation's Facebook page. "This is the season of giving and my foundation wanted to be sure we were doing everything we could to give back to our supportive and loving community."

It's an effort that has grown for Sherman and Moss since his rookie season when they helped out a single homeless family. Over time that grew to 25 – Sherman's jersey number – but this year they upped the total to 38.

"There's just such a need in the community, and for us, it was just something we were passionate about and it's a lot of work, but it's so worth it," Moss told KING in Seattle. "Having a thousand Christmas presents under the tree is not everything. But to open something, as a mom, you know, it's important."

Sherman credits his generosity to his childhood.

"This is the way I was raised, this is the way I've always thought about it," Sherman told "My parents were always open with our household bringing people in, making sure everyone had a meal, had a gift. That's what good-hearted people do, and I think the world needs more of that."

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