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Season ends tomorrow, is a shakeup coming?


The Minnesota Twins have faded down the stretch this season, and have faltered to another 90 plus loss season, for the third straight year.

As Ron Gardenhire watched the Twins fall to Cleveland on Saturday, his opportunity to reach the 1,000 win milestone with the team, at least for 2013 has slipped away. Has it slipped away forever?

The Pioneer Press reports that Gardenhire, who is still without a contract for next season, will speak with Twins General Manager Terry Ryan on Monday about this future with the team. Even if Gardenhire gets a new deal, there certainly are some tense moments for some of the position coaches ahead.

Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson is also without a contract for next season, and the Twins pitching staff has struggled through another tough season. Anderson has been with the Twins organization for 12 years, during all of Gardenhire's tenure.

Further, Twins hitting coach Tom Brunansky, is in his first year with the organization, and the Star Tribune says that while home runs and doubles are up, the teams batting average is off by 20-points, runs are way down, and strike outs have exploded.

ESPN 1500 reports, that one thing for sure is that Ryan will return, as General Manager.

Monday could be an interesting day in the Twins offices.

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