See it: Big Papi's grand slam over Torii Hunter instantly iconic


There are just those plays in baseball that you know will linger in fan memories and in the historical fabric of the game, and Sunday's Game 2 of the 2013 American League Championship Series now has one of those moments.

Bottom of the eighth, home team Red Sox trailing the Detroit Tigers 5-1. Bases loaded, David Ortiz up to bat. And Torii Hunter in right field. And the ball went over the wall - to tie the game, which the Red Sox went on to win - and Torii Hunter went with it. But, alas, without the ball in his mitt.

The photo above attests to how close Hunter was to making a spectacular play, and this one shows the lengths he went to to make it:


The fact that Hunter and Ortiz are former Twins (who isn't these days?) and good friends only added to the drama. After the game, Ortiz gave a shout-out to "my boy Torii out there, he almost made that play." And he bloodied his beautful bald head over it too.

The video ... it's a must-see right here.

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