See what KAT and Lavine have in common with Shaq and Kobe

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During a dominating rookie season, Karl-Anthony Towns was putting up numbers that we haven't seen from a rookie since Shaquille O'Neal.

But after Towns' teammate in Zach Lavine improved his field goal and three point percentage in his sophomore season, he's now drawing comparisons to another future Hall of Famer.

The numbers he posted last year are eerily similar to what Kobe Bryant did in his second season. Check out the figures below between Lavine and Bryant.

Bryant averaged just a point more a game but Lavine shot a better percentage from the floor and behind the arc. Bryant was 19 in his sophomore season and Lavine was 21. His impressive season even had teams calling on draft night.

One report had the Bulls wanting Lavine for Jimmy Butler but the Wolves were unwilling to make that trade despite Butler being a two-time All Star and an established two-way player.

Lavine's name was mentioned in the rumor mill again this week after Russell Westbrook was subjected to trade rumors.

With teams willing to trade perennial All Stars and comparisons to Hall of Fame players, it seems the Wolves may have themselves a dynamic duo moving forward.

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