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Should Vikes risk pick on Manti Te'o?


With the NFL Scouting Combine under way this week, it's an opportunity for teams to get an extreme close-up of potential draft choices -- including sit-down interviews.

That includes gifted Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o, who made international headlines last year for getting involved in that pesky girlfriend hoax.

So, the big question: Should the Vikings take a hard look at Te'0 -- especially if he's available on the draft board at No. 23?

Vikings GM Rick Spielman is on record saying he will consider "everything" when evaluating Te'o.

According to KFAN's A.J. Mansour, last week Spielman admitted that the Te'o drama "prompted him to watch Dr. Phil and The Katie Couric show for the first time."

At the combine, it'll be the Vikings asking the questions -- and not the TV talk experts.

Spielman says he's ready:

"These kids get really polished up for the interview process," Spielman said. "We try to [interview] where we can get that guard down and focus on ways to really get to know the kid and take some of that polish off."

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