Should Vikings trade Percy Harvin?


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Should the uber-talented -- but tempermental -- Percy Harvin be a member of the Vikings in 2013?

That's one of the bigger questions being asked as Minnesota finishes another winter without a Super Bowl trophy.

Since Saturday's loss to Green Bay, both coach Leslie Frazier and general manager Rick Spielman have said they expect Harvin to be back next season, with Spielman telling reporters Thursday the team has "no issues" with the wide receiver.

What next?

The Bleacher Reports' Ryan Boser says the Vikes should swap with Arizona Cardinals straight up for Minneapolis native Larry Fitzgerald in "the rare and elusive blockbuster trade" that could benefit both teams.

On the other end of the scale, the Star-Tribune's Michael Rand writes that the Vikings should do everything they can to lock-up Harvin long-term. Harvin has one year left on his rookie contract. Rand's take: "He is an essential piece going forward, and treating hims as anything else would be a mistake."

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