Ski-U-Yum! Video shows how to make Golden Gophers-themed pancakes

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For Minnesota fans wanting a creative way to cheer on the Golden Gophers at the Citrus Bowl while enjoying breakfast, this may be something to try.

YouTube user Nziegler created a how-to video (seen below) for fans to flip Gopher-themed pancakes.

From the big M to Goldy the Gopher, he demonstrates how to make numerous logos.

Being good at drawing with ketchup bottles is a plus.

Nziegler makes it look easy with his explanation: Fill up squeezable ketchup bottles with pancake batter, sketch the outline and wait for it to nearly be dry. Then fill in the gaps.

You can download the patterns for the pancakes here.

Many people living in Minnesota are also fans of the Oregon Ducks, according to a map by The UpShot. Nziegler created a video for Oregon Ducks pancakes as well:

Looking to add more to your New Year's Day pancake feast? A website called Jim's Pancakes details how to make a football field out of batter – and it's in color.

For those not born with squeeze-bottle drawing talent, several home goods stores and online retailers sell themed pancake molds.

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