Slumpbuster: New York gentlemens club lifts ban on Giants' games after beating pathetic Purple


Rick's Cabaret, which famously stopped showing New York Giants games two weeks ago because they were "killing the mood", has decided that the win last night over a hapless, helpless, and hopeless Minnesota Vikings is enough to bring football back.

The Giants, in a game where neither team looked passable, beat Minnesota 23-7 last night for their first win of the season. They had lost their first six games of 2013.

Here's a few highlights of the press release put out by the club's management, via Busted Coverage.

Rick's Cabaret employee Leanne: "I can’t take credit for the Giants first win, but I think the girls and I provided a little extra motivation to the team. Now they can say goodbye to losing and start winning.”

Rick's Cabaret employee Vida: "Eli Manning and the Giants are out of the doghouse."

We enjoy Valerie the most, also a Rick's Cabaret Girl: "The Giants only won because Minnesota is so so so bad."

Thank you for the credit Valerie, we'd like to think Minnesota had something to do with this decision, its like Vida and Leanne didn't even watch the game.

By the way, those are direct quotes, we're not sure we could make them up if we tried.

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