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Snowball-gate grows as Harbaugh defends Ravens fans


Hey, we're Minnesotans, we can handle our share of snow and ice, but sometimes fair just isn't fair.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson spoke out against the Baltimore Raven fans after the snowy 29-26 crazy-ending loss Sunday, saying "They've got the worst fans in the NFL, ... throwing snowballs the entire fourth quarter, like kids. It was a bad feeling, a bad feeling."

Some Vikings echoed the same thing, with center John Sullivan saying tackle Phil Loadholt took an iceball to the neck, and coach Leslie Frazier saying at his Monday media conference that he got pelted too.

Now Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has come to the rescue of the Baltimore fans, pretty much shrugging off the incident.

“Who doesn’t throw snowballs when it snows?” he said Monday, according to CBS Baltimore. “Maybe in Minnesota because they’re so used to snow, maybe that’s gotten old for them.

“What do you want me to say? We have the best fans in the NFL, I can tell you that.” Video from the Baltimore Sun that shows Harbaugh's seeming indifference can be found here.

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