So Karl-Anthony Towns' dog has its own Instagram page

The Timberwolves hero is 7-foot tall, his pup is barely 7 inches.

This is the kind of story that gets us up in the morning, eager to tell you the latest Minnesota news.

Timberwolves hero Karl-Anthony Towns' dog appears to have its own Instagram account.

Called "Bundle_of_Bentley," only six photos have been uploaded to the account so far but one of them features the man himself.

Yes, Bentley and KAT are indeed wearing matching outfits in that picture.

The account was only set up on Monday, and you can't really deny that KAT's dog is adorable.

Despite his feline nickname, Towns has seemingly shown a preference for canines in the past, following investigations by fans trying to figure out whether KAT owns a cat.

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